Our Product Suite offers a fully customizable experience for our clients who manage large sales teams to generate leads and follow them through to closing the sale. Choose to use one or all of our fully compatible software products, all backed up by professional support.


E2 Electronic Enrollments

TLP’s Digital Enrollment System is a simple, easy-to-use custom-software package that lets your field representatives’ sign-up new customers using a tablet computer. 


T2 Tablet Tracker

TLP Software has developed its own proprietary GPS tracking system that continually monitors the whereabouts of every tablet deployed in the field.  Each tablet reports back to TLP’s secure servers based on a specified time interval.


H2 House Hunter

TLP Turf allows you to manage your business by ensuring your sales leads are mapped visually to create sales territories and directly manage your sales team. 

Our Mission

TLP Software is passionate about providing the best-in-class sales tools targeting the energy industry that allow our clients to manage their field sales staff and ultimately enroll customers with ease. Our all-star team of industry professionals provide unique insight into best practices and put that knowledge directly into our products.