Electronic Enrollment

TLP’s Digital Enrollment System is a simple, easy-to-use custom-software package that lets your field representatives enroll new customers using a tablet computer. They can visit a business or home and enroll applicants on the spot. TLP’s capability can be developed on a variety of operating systems including Windows®, Android®, or Apple® iPads.  The Digital Enrollment System is very simple to use, cost effective and allows companies to save money and move towards a paperless, green solution.

Seamlessly integrates with your brand

The customer begins by filling out an application on the tablet.  The application is customized to our clients look and feel as well as any other customized requirements they may have.  All of our tablets are 4G/LTE enabled, so they are always online.  Once an enrollment is entered and submitted,  the customer’s information is encrypted and automatically uploaded to TLP’s secure, redundant and dedicated servers. The E2 program automatically captures the GPS coordinates of the enrollment. Company management can use this information to determine if the field representative was actually at the location of the enrolling customer.  Thus, reducing fraud and risk during the enrollment process.

Data is secured and backed up

Our clients can schedule (real time or batch) the transfer of data from our secure, dedicated servers and feed them directly into their enrollment system, or automatically upload them to their company’s customer database. The tablet units are all touch-screens enabled allowing the customers to sign the applications right on the screen. This allows your company to retain a digital copy of the signature along with the entire contract and all associated terms and conditions on a secure cloud should any issues arise in the future.

Not only will our system speed up your entire enrollment process, but it will greatly improve the accuracy of the applications by eliminating mistakes made when a third party re-enters the data (illegibly written data, “fat fingering” data entry, etc.). It also eliminates lost paper contracts and representatives taking photocopies of contracts for future use with a competitor.  TLP also builds multiple software checks based on your specifics business rules to validate the data during the enrollment process.  

For example, if an account number is has 12 digits and starts with a certain prefix, the customer will not be allowed to move to the next screen until they match this business rule.  This further improved the integrity of the data and leads to higher ROI’s when using TLP Software’s best in class solution.